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We can generate accurate 3D models and we are committed to delivering exceptional 3D mapping and modeling services that empower our clients with actionable insights and a holistic understanding of their environments. This enables project managers to visualize the site remotely and make informed decisions. 


  • Assist in monitoring and managing construction sites by providing regular updates on progress and identifying any discrepancies between plans and actual construction.

Infrastructure and Construction Site Management: 

  • We can image infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, and power lines.


  • Capturing high-resolution imagery and video, we can give a comprehensive view of the structure, allowing engineers and inspectors to identify potential issues, such as cracks, corrosion, or structural damage.


​​Environmental Monitoring: 


  • We can assist in environmental assessments and monitoring projects.


  • We can image large areas of land and capture detailed images to assess Vegetation health

  • Track changes in ecosystems

  • Monitor wildlife populations 

  • Identify areas affected by natural disasters like wildfires or floods

We leverage cutting-edge drone technology and advanced imaging capabilities to provide a range of specialized services that empower farmers, agronomists, and agricultural businesses to optimize their operations and maximize crop yields.

Field Scouting and Surveillance:

  • Our drones conduct comprehensive field scouting and surveillance, providing a bird's-eye view of the entire farm.

  • By capturing high-resolution aerial imagery and videos, we help identify problem areas, track crop growth progress, detect irrigation issues, and assess field conditions.

  • This data assists farmers in making informed decisions, optimizing resource allocation, and improving overall farm productivity.

field 2

Crop Health Monitoring:


  • Our drones are equipped with specialized cameras and sensors that can capture high-resolution imagery and data, enabling precise monitoring of crop health.

  • We provide detailed insights into plant health, nutrient deficiencies, disease identification, and pest infestations.

  • This information allows farmers to implement targeted interventions, optimize resource allocation, and improve overall crop management.

Precision Agriculture Mapping:


  • Our drones are capable of creating highly accurate and detailed maps of agricultural fields.

  • Using advanced mapping techniques, we provide farmers with valuable information such as field topography, soil moisture levels, and vegetation indices.

  • These maps enable precision agriculture practices, including variable rate application of fertilizers, irrigation management, and seed planting, leading to increased efficiency and reduced input costs.


Livestock Monitoring:


  • We offer drone-based solutions for monitoring and managing livestock.

  • Our drones can be equipped with thermal imaging cameras to detect and locate animals, monitor their behavior, and identify any potential issues or anomalies in real time.

  • This helps farmers optimize grazing patterns, improve herd management, and enhance animal welfare.

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